Thursday, 13 December 2018

Green vertical garden at northern Sarawak

 Begonia bruneiana

Homalomena sp.

Amorphophallus angulatus.

Vrydagzynea lancifolia


Rasbora tubbi


Christmas parade 2018

Christmas parade at downtown Kuching. (8th Dec.2018) 古晋市的圣诞节花车遊行。

Tusan beach near Miri (northern Sarawak)

2 years ago, when I came to this beach, it was deserted. But now, it is over-crowded by local tourists. You can see how powerful the social media is.


Begonia roseopunctata "white stripes" from Bau of Sarawak

First time in my life to meet Begonia roseopunctata at Bau area of Satawak. It has variable pattern. In this area, the whole colony got whitstripes and white spots on the leaf. The young plant has pink stripes.