Monday, 20 October 2014

Vertical rock garden in western Sarawak

At last, I found this new Begonia new location. It is growing in vertical cliff, so I have to climb up like spiderman to take a better shot of this beauty. Probably it is Begonia beccarii???

Unknown orchid

Homalomena sp.

Crepidium sp.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Bucephalandra bogneri "variegated leaf" & "normal green leaf"

My new playground

I was stung by a small wasp while river trekking in my new playground. Thanks God, it's just a small wasp & only one managed to sting my left hand & the rest of them failed to sting me as I was wearing long pants. (they attacked my legs too!)

I never expected to find this new Begonia again. It is one of the rare species from my hometown. Population is always small & grow next to the stream.....on clay bank.

Wild ginger

Stick insect

Bucephalandra bogneri submerged under water:

To find a Bucephalandra which got "variegated leaf" is like hitting a jackpot cos it is too rare. Only 1 in a thousand plants got this rare variety.

Mosses which can grow in the water.

Begonia sp.