Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Julan Fall - the Mother of all the waterfalls in Sarawak (part 3)

Day 2: Around 3pm, our guide told us to leave everything behind on a hill & covered it with garbage bag in case of rain. I just brought my camera & water filter cos the guide said only took 1 hour to go down into valley to see the Julan Fall. However, I forgot to bring my headlamp (so did everyone else) cos his 1 hour is 1 and a half or 2 hours hike to me as my walking pace is different from local folks. Descending to the steep valley is a big challenge to us cos there are too many streams & super muddy trail making it hard to walk properly. The tiger leeches are everywhere. Big population of leeches there due to the wet condition in the steep valley.

When we saw that majestic giant waterfall, all the sweat & pain were nothing. Compared to the New York Empire State building (381m), this waterfall is 280m, about 100m shorter than that building in NYC. (top to bottom, based on GPS & our guide & friends went to the top of waterfall before to calculate the height of waterfall)!!!
When we were going down slowly to the bottom part of waterfall, we hardly could stand properly due to the super strong wind created by this "monster". Thanks to the overnight heavy rain in the plateau. the waterfall became a real giant monster. But then, we realised that we could not cross that Julan river to the 2nd tallest waterfall in that area - Eastern Julan Fall.....cos the water current was super strong. The guide warned us not to fall into the water or else nobody can save you.
......to be continued.

Asthenodipsas borneensis (snake)

Phyllagathis sp.

Schismatoglottis sp. (aroid)

Homalomena sp. (aroid)

Unloading our bags (trail head).

Walking on abandoned logging track under scorching sun.

Cyrtandra sp.

Nervilia sp. (orchid)

Sonerila sp.

Waiting for the rain stop at camp 2

Hexatheca sp.


Sonerila sp.

Ardisia sp.

Ibanum sp.

Limnonectus sp.

Borneosa sp.

Begonia sp.

Borneosa sp.

Begonia plieranensis

Freshwater crab (Borneosa sp. )

Julan Fall - the Mother of all the waterfalls in Sarawak (part 2)

Day 2: We slowly ascending from the hilly forest to the foothill of Usun Apau plateau. This time we were hiking in shaded secondary forest in an abandoned logging area but we could not walk fast as the bushes are as tall as a man. Our local friends took so much effort to clear the trail so that we could move to our next camp near to the Julan Fall. At the same time, leeches giving us a "warm welcome"

The short journey of 5.9km took us about 6 to 7 hours to camp 2. The trail is full of native thorny palm called "Rattan" (Calamus spp.) & the hooks are super sharp which can tear off our clothes or flesh easily.
Halfway of our journey, on the top of a hill, we saw the 2 famous waterfalls of Usuan Apau: Eastern Julan Fall on the left & Julan Fall (also known as Western Julan Fall) on the right & in between got another smaller waterfall without name. The thunderous sound of waterfall can be heard very loudly & clearly at this point. Later, my friend took a drone video & photo of these 3 beautiful waterfalls & he will post in social media soon. (stay tune for this awesome view from drone)
About 2 to 2.30pm, we reached the camp 2. We left our backpacks on the top of a hill & heading to the majestic Julan Fall which is "not far away" according to our guide so I didn't bring torch light with me. I just brought my Olympus camera & water filter only. Later I felt regret of not bringing my headlamp cos I fell down to a slippery rock in almost total darkness.
.....to be continued.


Our hammock

Scindapsus sp. (aroid)

The burrow of unknown land crab next to my hammock.

Begonia sp.

Another unknown Begonia.

Sonerila sp.

Begonia sp.

Camp 2

Bulbophyllum dearei (orchid)

Probably Ibanum sp. ??? (land crab)

Stick insect (Necroscia punctata)

Camp 1

Stick insect (Necroscia punctata)