Sunday, 21 April 2019

Journey to north eastern part of Peninsular Malaysia (part 1)

Giant stick insect

Begonia ignorata

First time for me to meet this beautiful loach, Syncrossus beauforti near the border of Malaysia-Thailand

Sole fish (Achiroides sp.) 

Begonia decora

sole fish (Achiroides sp.) -underside

sole fish (Achiroides sp.) 


First time to meet Longjawed Orb Weaver spider (Opadometa sp.) in the jungle of north-eastern Peninsular Malaysia:

Begonia nurii

Indostomus crocodilus, a tiny fish from the freshwater swamp near border of Malaysia-Thailand.

Begonia foxworthyi

Begonia nurii

Begonia ignorata

Garra sp.

Homalomena sp. from limestone outcrop

Begonia foxworthyi

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Journey from coastal to interior of Sarawak (Feb.2019) - part 1

Channa baramensis ?

Unknown Begonia


Nepenthes reinwardthiana

Rajah brooke birdwing buttery

Mini Bulbophyllum orchid