Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The jungle of Semada (Sarawak)

Sunset at Semada.

Lantern bug.

Dwarf palm, Pinanga sp.

This palm from Semada forms an association with this colony of ants. the palm provide the free shelter for the ants & the ants give the palm the inorganic nutrients as a return (food).

Homalomena sp. - growing in the swamp.



Monday, 28 May 2012

Cryptocoryne yujii in Sibu area

In order to prevent the strong water current (during rainy season) to pull the plants off the ground, this clump of Cryptocoryne yujii grow behind a log.

Cryptocoryne striolata from Maradong

The spathe (flower).

The opened seed pod.

A river at Saratok

Cryptocoryne bullosa.

Semi aquatic fern. Microsorium ?

Barclaya motleyi grows together with the fern & Crypt. bullosa.

Cryptocoryne auriculata "mottled leaf" from Sarawak

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Aridarum purseglovei & Schottarum sarikeense

Last weekend, I discovered Aridarum purseglovei near central Sarawak. It has very long stem (about 5 to 10cm long) and has broad leaf.

Schottarum sarikeense (top) is growing together with a Aridarum purseglovei (below it).