Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The dark & wet New Year Eve in southern Sarawak


The habitat of Cryptocoryne ferruginea var. ferruginea. During the raining season, all the Crypt. are growing completely under water for few weeks or few months! Water level here is almost 1 meter higher than usual water level....

Low lying areas in middle part of Sarawak river are flooded....I better not to take the risk to cross this flooded road.

This gravel road in Bau has become a river in the middle of raining season. Inconvenience for the people to move around but for the freshwater fish, this is the good chance for it to migrate to new territory.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Limestone hills @ Padawan (Dec. 2013)

Beware of trap set up by hunter!

A water skink is hiding under Piptospatha viridistigma.

Alocasia reversa 


Begonia sp.

  Dossinia marmorata var. dayii

Alocasia longiloba var. lowii

Begonia sp.

Amorphophallus's seeds.

Piptospatha viridistigma

Probably a Vanda???

  Dossinia marmorata var. dayii