Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Exploring in a misty mountain of Sarawak

Jewel orchid, Cystorchis sp.

First time in my life found this cute skink called striped skink (Lipinia vittigera) in the mountain of western Sarawak..

Lepidothelphusa crab

Malayan lacewing (Cethosia hypsea hypsea)

Nepenthes reinwardthiana

Lepidothelphusa mountain crab

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Visiting blackwater peat swamp in raining season of Sarawak

Betta brownorum (male; wild fighting fish)

First time in my life to see Nephelaphyllum pulchrum (jewel orchid) half submerged in the blackwater of peat swamp near my home! Amazing!

I think this small catfish from peat swamp of Sarawak is Encheloclarias sp. Usually this kind of catfish won't grow more than 7cm.

Encheloclarias sp.

Caterpillar which looks like leech


Close-up shot of female Betta brownorum which is only 3cm long only!