Friday, 31 August 2012

Back from Kalimantan Barat (August 2012)

There are too many waterfalls at Kalimantan Barat....countless!!!

The "grassland" & tropical Conifer trees in very remote area of Kalbar. we're stuck here for a night cos our car couldn't drive up the slope of the slippery muddy road after the rain. My worst night in Kalbar. Attacked by mosquitoes at night & couldn't sleep at all. :-(

One of the most beautiful Bucephalandra that I ever found in Kalbar (Kalimantan Barat)...the leaf is dark purple-bluish coloured!!! And it is a new species (based on the flower).

Another species of Bucephalandra with pink young leaf! Awesome!

First time met this very rare aroid, Lasia concinna. Only found in Kapuas river basin of Kalbar (endemic species).

Beautiful Begonia sp.

Probably this is the smallest Eriocaulon on earth??? New species? also from Kalbar.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Searching waterfalls & cascades in western Sarawak

Malaysian Forest Scorpions, (Heterometrus spinifer).

Terrestrial orchid, Eulophia spectabilis.

Aroid., juvenile of Scindapsus treubii

The burning trails (our expedition is postponed)

Last weekend, we had to postponed our expedition to find new waterfall cos native people are starting to burn bushes/secondary forest (Shifting cultivation). The tress next to the trail were burning....we couldn't walk pass....

Bucephalandra motleyana from western Sarawak

Bucephalandra 'white line".

Nice coloration....

The flower of Bucephalandra motleyana. The genus name "Bucep" derives its name from the Greek word for bull's head due to its horn shaped anthers.

A beauty from western Sarawak

What a beautiful Bucephalandra motleyana "variegated leaf" that I ever found!

Rest in peace, Harry Nian.....

This is my friend, Harry Nian who has the passion to search all the beautiful waterfalls in Peninsular Malaysia. Unfortunately, he was killed by flash flood when he was searching for new waterfall at Terrengganu state on 17 Aug. His body was discovered by search party on the morning of 25 August. Rest in peace my friend. I will always remember you when I go to find waterfalls in our country.

I think he was the only one in West Malaysia who found so many waterfalls that unknown to everyone. He was so adventurous....& dared to explore the jungle which got tigers & wild elephants. It's a shocking news for us to lose a great friend like him.

Slash & burn farming in Borneo