Friday, 31 August 2012

Back from Kalimantan Barat (August 2012)

There are too many waterfalls at Kalimantan Barat....countless!!!

The "grassland" & tropical Conifer trees in very remote area of Kalbar. we're stuck here for a night cos our car couldn't drive up the slope of the slippery muddy road after the rain. My worst night in Kalbar. Attacked by mosquitoes at night & couldn't sleep at all. :-(

One of the most beautiful Bucephalandra that I ever found in Kalbar (Kalimantan Barat)...the leaf is dark purple-bluish coloured!!! And it is a new species (based on the flower).

Another species of Bucephalandra with pink young leaf! Awesome!

First time met this very rare aroid, Lasia concinna. Only found in Kapuas river basin of Kalbar (endemic species).

Beautiful Begonia sp.

Probably this is the smallest Eriocaulon on earth??? New species? also from Kalbar.

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