Saturday, 29 September 2012

Hiking on hot & hazy day in Sarawak

Now is the flowering season for this liana called Callerya nieuwenhuisii. 

Terrestrial orchid, Tainia sp.

Bulbo. orchid - species A

Bulbo. orchid - species B

Schismatoglottis asperata.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Plants from Kerangas forest of Sungai Tengah

Nepenthes rafflesiana.

Bulbophyllum macranthum

The habitat of Paphiopedilum bullenianum. Unfortunately, all the lady's slipper orchids here are collected by greedy & selfish plant collector!!! Not a single plant left!!! Link to view the old photos taken at the same place in year 2007:

Kacip fatimah (Labisia sp.) - a traditional herb.

A blackwater river near Seri Aman

The habitat of Crypt. cordata var. zonata is also destroyed. Only a few patches of Crypt. survived in its natural habitat. I have to plant some of them on different spots just now to reduce the risk of losing all of them.

This patch of Crypt. cordata var. zonata from Seri Aman is collected & re-planting in different spots on its natural habitat & hope it can grow back to the population as it used to be as last used to be covered almost the whole r
iver bed but local people used bulldozers to dig them up to deepen the river. Water plant is a natural filter & home for aquatic fauna....once destroyed, the eco-system is not balance anymore.

Blyxa sp.

Barclaya motleyi.

Lasia spinosa.

Plants from Saratok & Debak areas

Aglaonema nebulosum "variegated leaf" .

Aglaonema nebulosum "apple green".

Gesneraid plant.

Cryptocoryne longicauda "brown".

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Begonia sp. from Saratok

All the pictures of Begonia (below) are same species....even the leaf has different coloration or pattern.

Cryptocoryne striolata "tiger stripes" habitat is destroyed

Cryptocoryne striolata's habitat at Saratok is destroyed cos of forest clearing for oil palm estate. (upper part of river)

Cryptocoryne striolata (aquatic aroid) is covered by a layer of mud/clay/silt!!!

After removing the silt using my hands....

Thursday, 20 September 2012

A blackwater waterfall near Sadong river

Today, I forgot to bring my, I have to use my handphone to take the blackwater waterfall near Sadong river of Sarawak.

Almost no water at the waterfall due to not much rainfall during the dry season.

New species of Begonia???

Schismatoglottis on vertical cliff.

Aridarum crassum.

Homalomena sp. "narrow leaf".

Bucephalandra from nearby area (NOT from waterfall).

Many thanks to one of my friends who found Nepenthes hispida here. It is a new record cos this species of pitcher plant is usually found in northern Sarawak & Brunei areas. 

Nervilia uniflora ?? (terrestrial orchid)

Bucephalandra sp.

Bulbophyllum anceps

Bulbophyllum sp.

Mini sized Bulbophyllum.

Coelogyne pandurata ???

Gesneraid plant.

Costus sp. (ginger)