Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The habitat of Begonia baik is destroyed by bulldozer.

Rescue operation to save & propagate the remaining Begonia baik as the one & only habitat (that I known so far) has been destroyed by the bulldozer for clearing the bushes as vegetation is overgrown & too near to the road.

This Begonia baik will die if i didn't see it and replanting it back to the slope.

A leaf found on the destroyed site

Only a few are survived....

In situ leaf propagation of Begonia baik in new secret location.

After 2 weeks of in situ propagation of Begonia baik in new location....the plants are doing well.

Leaf dropping

Leaf propagation (2 weeks):

Begonia pyrrha is flowering in dry season (after raining)

Begonia pyrrha

Unknown Begonia

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Visiting waterfalls on hot Sunday (26 July 2015).

A wasp & its prey

Bucephalandra akantha

This Elatostema sp. looks a bit like Begonia.

 "New" Begonia which I never noticed before....leaf is not nice looking.....

Globba sp. (ginger)

Cryptocoryne striolata from southern Sarawak