Monday, 26 November 2012

Upper part of Samarahan river basin

First time found Barclaya kunstleri (Nymphaeaceae) in the hardwater river near limestone outcrop.....

Barclaya kunstleri (Nymphaeaceae) grows on the submerged tree roots to prevent the strong water current to pull it up.....

Probably  Pterocheras sp.(orchid) - it fell down into riverbed.

Homalomena sp.

Piptospatha viridistigma 

Friday, 23 November 2012

Plants from misty mountain in Sarawak

Bud of parasite plant: Rhizanthes lowii

Malaxis sp. (orchid)

Hanguana sp.


Unknown species.

Gesneraid plant.

Ginger flower.

Unknown fruits.

Schismatoglottis sp.

Homalomena sp.


 Scindapsus pictus (aroid).


Tree fern.