Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Aroids from Semuja-Sedong area

Schismatoglottis simonii 

A Begonia is growing next to Schismatoglottis simonii ....

Most probably Amorphophallus ranchanensis.

Rhaphidophora foraminifera

Bucephalandra from Semuja-Sedong area (part 2)

Waterfalls & streams of Semuja-Sedong area

Durian dropped into the stream.

Bucephalandra motleyana "variegated leaf" from Semuja-Sedong

Nose bleeding today cos I saw this Bucephalandra motleyana "variegated leaf". :-)

 Less "variegated leaf".

Small Bucephalandra motleyana "variegated leaf". Amazing! This secret garden that i just discovered got so many rare Bucephalandra "variegated leaf".

Bucephalandra from Semuja-Sedong area

Bucephalandra motleyana (?) - type A got brown-light green & pinkish colored young leaf!

Type B - got stripes on the leaf (not all the leaves):