Saturday, 10 November 2012

Back from Brunei & northern Sarawak

Finally, I reached home after a week of exploring in northern Sarawak & Brunei.

A beautiful waterfall at Brunei.

A nice looking sandstone cliff at Brunei.

A blackwater lake of Brunei.

Finally, I found Homalomena terajaensis at Brunei. It is a small aroid which grow on wet sandstone cliff.

 This rheophytic aroid from Brunei looks like Bucephalandra....but in fact, it is a new species of Aridarum.

Bucephalandra sp. from Brunei.


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  2. Hello Mr Michael Lo, I'm a Bruneian, I was wondering if you could share the location of Bucep & Crypt Sp on where they can be found here in Brunei. :)