Thursday, 20 September 2012

A blackwater waterfall near Sadong river

Today, I forgot to bring my, I have to use my handphone to take the blackwater waterfall near Sadong river of Sarawak.

Almost no water at the waterfall due to not much rainfall during the dry season.

New species of Begonia???

Schismatoglottis on vertical cliff.

Aridarum crassum.

Homalomena sp. "narrow leaf".

Bucephalandra from nearby area (NOT from waterfall).

Many thanks to one of my friends who found Nepenthes hispida here. It is a new record cos this species of pitcher plant is usually found in northern Sarawak & Brunei areas. 

Nervilia uniflora ?? (terrestrial orchid)

Bucephalandra sp.

Bulbophyllum anceps

Bulbophyllum sp.

Mini sized Bulbophyllum.

Coelogyne pandurata ???

Gesneraid plant.

Costus sp. (ginger)


  1. Very nice Begonia - but it loses its spots when it grows older .... :(