Sunday, 15 January 2012

The mysterious cave worm of Borneo

The cave worm of Sarawak....about 3 or 4cm long. It builds sticky string to trap the insect which fly pass the narrow cave. Not sure it can glow like the one in New Zealand or not. I have to come back to find out the answer after dark. (too near to cave mouth)

These strings are not spider web! It is the "fishing line" of a worm which lives inside the dark cave of Sarawak...related to the glow worm from New Zealand.

The cocoon of the worm.

The cave worm can turn back from a single string! Amazing! The sticky string is like a "trail" to it.

 Cave worm.

Water drops.


The dead worm which the fungus grows on its dead body.

The worm hanging itself on the cave's ceiling.

The sticky strings of cave worm.

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