Friday, 10 February 2012

Freshwater fishes of Belitung island (part 1)

Another new species of Paedocypris found at Belitung island. I think nobody found this smallest fish there before. The interesting thing is was found in clearwater river! (Usually it lives in blackwater river). Never before got this kind of fish discovered in clearwater river. Amazing!

First time in our life found the most beautiful rasbora patrickyapi at Belitung island....

Betta sp. (Akarensis group)

Betta burdigala (small red colored wild fighting fish) from Belitung island. First time found coccina group of Betta in the freshwater swamp where Sago palm grows.

Betta simorum.

Neosthetus sp.

Hemirhamphodon cf phaiosoma (half beak)

Parosphromenus sp. "belitung"


  1. the Paedocypris Bangka I found this summer also live in clear water not black. interesting

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    2. Where in belitung did you collect these fishes?