Sunday, 11 March 2012

Competition of space between Bucephalandra motleyana & Ooia grabowskii

In this mountain stream, I can see that Ooia grabowskii, a much bigger aroid than Bucephalandra motleyana is being a dominant species here. Population of the Bucephalandra is very small here.

Bucephalandra growing near to much bigger size Ooia grabowskii.

Other plants which are growing near to mountain stream:

Giant fern.

Jewel orchid, Macodes petola.

Hoya sp.


  1. Great find! I love how beautiful this area is, and your inclusion of the shots of the giant fern and the jewel orchid really add a nice touch to the blog post, giving the reader a better general sense of the area.

    I was wondering though. In the first and third photos, there is what looks like tiny fern fronds growing off the sides of the rocks. Do you know if these are some sort of liverwort or other bryophyte, or are they actually some type of fern or something else?

  2. It is a fern-allied plant....forgot the name.