Monday, 8 April 2013

Beauty from the north

Sea of cloud in northern Sarawak.

The most common Bucephalandra/Microcasia oblanceolata in northern Sarawak. Found it in new location.

Schismatoglottis dilecta which looks a bit like S. mira.

Alocasia reginae

There are 2 species of wild ginger from northern Sarawak got bullated leaf. This one is Boesenbergia hutchinsonii. 

And this wild ginger is different species from the one above. This is Boesenbergia variegata.

Begonia conipilia

After so many many many years....I finally found Barclaya rotundifolia in Sarawak! This Barclaya has rounded & bright green leaf


  1. Those wild gingers are really amazing, so beautiful! The weird thing is they almost look like a brightly colored terrestrial version of some of the more bullated black-water Crypts... How large do those get? They would look great in a paludarium. Not to mention that incredible Alocasia either! I WANT THEM!!!!!!!!