Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Journey to central & northern Sarawak - oct. trip (part 2)

 Limestone outcrop in northern Sarawak:

 Alocasia venusta

October is flowering season for Amorphophallus niahensis 

Drosera burmannii

Alocasia robusta, the giant yam from the jungle of Borneo.

Wild ginger.

Pitcher plants also got a lot of natural cross hybrid. This red pitcher is Nepenthes × cantleyi (natural hybrid between N. bicalcarata and N. gracilis).

I almost wanted to faint after finding this Kaempfelia wild ginger in a limestone hill in northern Sarawak. This Kaempfelia is originally from Thailand .....& somebody is purposely planted it in our limestone forest!

Hoya sp.


Papilionanthe hookeriana

Crypt. fusca

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