Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Back to heart of Borneo (May 2014)

Bucephalandra magnifolia

Rajah brooke butterfly (Trogonoptera brookiana)

Royal Tree Snake (Gonyophis Margaritatus

Hairy black Begonia

Skull of Lun Bawang tribe (burial ground)

Schismatoglottis sp.

Wild ginger flower

Nepenthes reinwardthiana "red"

Too dusty on the logging road to heart of Borneo....need to cover your mouth & nose.


Begonia sp. A

My friend from Europe is sketching near a vertical waterfall at heart of Borneo.

Ancient burial site of Lun Bawang tribe at heart of Borneo.


Stick insect

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  1. dear Mike, where did you find the Royal Rainbow Tree Snake? Is it a captive specimen or a wild one? thank you for respondig, best wishes Konrad Mebert (biologist)