Friday, 21 November 2014

Rivers & jungle behind my "backyard" - part 2

First time found a pink colored coral fungi!!! I called it Clavarioid fungi "sexy pink"

Cryptocoryne striolata is very variable aquatic aroid. This colony is from new location of Sarawak ....all the plants are very small (the diameter of leaf is around 2cm in average!!!) but it got very nice pattern on the leaf!

Nep. ampullaria

Barclaya motleyi

Black lily. (Tacca sp.)

Barclaya motleyi

Claderia viridiflora (orchid)

Got a red egg on the back of this bug:

Flower of Barclaya motleyi

Bulbo. beccarii

Coral fungi

Rescue the wild orchids from fallen tree in the river & plant it back to nearby tree.

Mini sized Crypt. striolata

Nep. ampullaria

New Hanguana

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