Saturday, 14 March 2015

Exploring @ limestone hill on wet day- part 1

A big colony of slipper orchid, Paphiopedilum stonei grow on the cliff of a small limestone hill....first time found it in very low altitude.....about 200 to 300 feet high of elevation only!!!!

Begonia penrissenensis....first time ever in my life to see such a black coloured leaf with interesting marking on the leaf! Of course i paid "a price" to find it in rough terrain; my hands cut by razor-sharp limestone hill...and got attacked by tiny bugs which make me very itchy.

Unknown orchid, probably it is Thelasis sp. The leaf looks a bit like rat-tail orchid.

Another unknown giant sized orchid from limestone outcrop. Last year, I found it in limestone hills of northern Sarawak & now, i found it again, but in southern Sarawak....more than a thousand km away. No flower to confirm its identity.

Dossinia marmorata

Vanda scandens

Nervilla sp. 

unknown orchid, probably Thelasis sp.

Paphiopedilum stonei

Amorphophallus eburneus

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