Friday, 19 June 2015

Climbing limestone hill is fun & exciting!

Begonia penrissenensis from this new location has almost no white spot on mature plant except the seedling. The leaf surface has very deep red veins!

Begonia congesta. The leaf is metallic blue colored! Take note it is not Begonia corrugata which also looks a bit like it except the leaf is not as hairy as the B. corrugata.

dossinia marmorata var. dayii

This wild ginger from limestone outcrop has silver colored leaves!

Begonia penrissenensis

Corybas grows so near to Begonia penrissenensis.

Begonia penrissenensis

Crepidium lowii from limestone forest has very big white band on the leaf surface!

Dossinia marmorata

Begonia penrissenensis

Silver ginger

Homalomena humilis

Begonia penrissenensis

Crepidium metallicum

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