Thursday, 11 August 2016

Camping in interior of Sarawak - part 1

A 2 weeks camping trip in remote area of Borneo has to cut short to 4 days due to bad weather & landslide.

First time in my life to see this super rare pitcher plant from Borneo called Nepenthes platychila!

Begonia sp.

Corybas sp.

N. chaiana found in new location far away from north Borneo

Paphiopedilum sp.

Alocasia sp.

Begonia sp.

Nepenthes hispida

Lantern bug

Nepenthes vietchii

First time found wild Begonia grow under full sun!

Nepenthes fusca

Dendrobium lambii in new location

N. tentaculata

Nepenthes ephippiata 

Wild banana (Musa sp.)

Paphiopedilum sp.

N. appendiculata

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