Monday, 13 February 2017

The jungle near my home - part 1

Less than 45 minutes of driving distance from my home, I can visit/explore different type of forests in different location.

Lepidothelphusa padawan (land crab) with Cryptocoryne striolata "green form" from jungle stream near my home.

Lepidothelphusa padawan (crab)

Barclaya motleyi

Schismatoglottis longispatha

Found new location of this super mini sized orchid called Bulbophyllum bakoensis!

Amorphophallus pendulus

Nepenthes rafflesiana

Begonia paona

Begonia speluncae in situ. (on limestone wall)

The biggest land planarian (flatworm) that i ever found in Borneo.....this one is 15cm long!

Vrydagzynea tristriata (jewel orchid) is very small orchid growing on the jungle floor....and it is not easy to see it and usually the hikers may step on it by accident if it is growing on the trail.

Bat lily (Tacca reducta) at the base of a limestone hill 

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