Friday, 11 November 2011

The competition for space between Bucephalandra & Piptospatha

In this jungle stream at Padawan, you can find 2 species of aroids growing in the stream: Bucephalandra motleyana & Piptospatha impolita. The Bucephalandra population here is very small cos it can't compete with the bigger aroid, Piptospatha

The small aroid on the foreground is Bucephalandra:

The Bucephalandra here is grey-greenish colored. And the stems are reddish colored.


The colour is a bit grey....

Bucephalandra motleyana (below) & Piptospatha impolita (top).

The Bucep. which grow closed to water edge got more darker leaves than the plants grow far away from water edge.

Some got round leaves....

The habitat (on the water edge):

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