Friday, 14 June 2013

A destroyed freshwater swamp in Sarawak

Today is a sad day for me cos one of my secret gardens (swamp) is destroyed by logging activity. A lot of rare orchids are gone forever!

This is the habitat of Phalaenopsis corningiana (rare orchid)....but noow it is destroyed by Humans who love to cut down big trees. 90% of the population of this orchid are GONE FOREVER!

Marking for forest clearing?

Giant liana.....

Bulbo orchid.

Hoya sp.??

This Phalaenopsis corningiana is going to die soon once the weather is getting drier as not much shade for surrounding area as most big trees are chopped down. You can see the leaves are turning into yellowish colour. It can not survive long....

The remaining Phalaenopsis corningiana ....probably less than 10% which survived cos the logging people not yet clear the whole patch of forest.

For viewing the old photos of flowering Phalaenopsis corningiana orchid, please click on this link:


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  2. Rescue them. Its legal to remove in that situ.