Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bucephalandra has variety of leaves in a stream

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  1. Beautiful plants! I especially love that rock wall, I want to try and mimic that bio-tope with a river aquarium overshadowed by a planted rock wall, (not a full-blown waterfall), and cover the whole thing with Aroids, perhaps a Nepenthes or two, definitely some interesting little Begonias/Gesneriads, and of course, a couple of small ferns and a hefty amount of moss/bryophytes. I guess it'd be a paludarium technically, but I really want to emphasize the planted rock wall look, as well as the flowing water below it, and figure out a way to extend the rock work abnormally high above the aquarium. I guess I'd have to keep the whole thing enclosed to keep the humidity up though... don't want to risk losing some Aridarum or Piptospatha to a cool draft! Well, it'd have to be enclosed as long as I stay in New York that is lol