Thursday, 25 July 2013

Rejang river basin & nearby areas (July trip - part 3)

Begonia sp.

Crypt. bullosa

Begonia sp.

Piper sp. ???

New species of Piptospatha.

Microsorum (aquatic fern) grows in clump in the riverbank of a tributary of Rejang river. During the rainy season, all of them will be submerged under the water.

This Begonia leaf is rooting......

Another Begonia.

Ooia grabowskii "variegated leaf"

Pterisanthes - Vitaceae

Homalomena sp.

Alocasia watsoniana

Homalomena insignis.

Aridarum caulescens

Aridarum purseglovei (rheophytic aroid)....looks a bit like Bucephalandra.

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