Friday, 5 July 2013

The valley of giant leech

This is my first time to meet the giant leech of Borneo.....25cm long!!! It is not interested in warm blood mammal but only feed on giant earthworm (also 25 to 30cm long) in this jungle:

Giant leech! 25cm long!!!

The giant leech comes out of coconut bowl....It is not interested in me. Most likely it only feeds on giant earthworm (which can be found in that area).

Liparis (orchid).

Homalomena hostifolia

Piper sp. grows near to the waterfall.

For more info about this giant leech & its prey, giant earthworm of Borneo, please check out this website:


  1. Wonderful Homalomena sp !!
    Sliver Homalomena is more surprising than Giant leech!It's really rare.May i know What's the size of it?It seems to be big in your photo.