Thursday, 14 August 2014

Adventure at new limestone outcrop of Sarawak - part 1

Surveying trip in a remote place where no tourist ever set foot here before us.

To enter the new "playground", we need to take Malaria pills, 2 days of journey by boat & hiking.....and we even needed to do caving in order to reach this piece of paradise on earth. It is an awesome adventure trip that I ever had in 2014!

The journey that i went through for the past few days was one of the most exciting trips that i ever had! Our long boat almost capsized in the rapids and also; got leaking problem at the bottom of boat. The bad weather is making the situation more like a real adventure journey! Thanks God that we made it back at last!

Amorphophallus julaihi 

Begonia conipilaBegonia rhodoneura

Nepenthes vietchii from lowland riverine forest of northern Sarawak. (Growing on tree's branches)

Hampala bimaculata


Bucephalandra sp.

Begonia sp.

Some fishes from this limestone river: 
1) Barbodes balleroides
2) Barbodes collingwoodii
3) Cyclocheilichthys repasson
4) Cyclocheilichthys apogon
5) Diplocheilichthys pleurotaenia
6) Garra borneensis
7) Hampala bimaculata
8) Leptobarbus hosii
9) Tor duoronensis
10) Gastromyzon sp.

11) Unknown goby

Cymbidium sp.

Bird's nest

Piptospatha sp.

Frilled tree frog (Rhacophorus appendiculatus) from disturbed jungle (logged forest) of northern Sarawak.

Boesenbergia variegata (wild ginger). Based on the flower, it is NOT Boesenbergia hutchinsonii.

Boesenbergia variegata

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