Saturday, 23 August 2014

Caving at southern Sarawak (23rd August 2014)

The long-legged crab from the pool of a dark cave of Sarawak; Stygothelphusa sp.

Rhinocochlis nasuta

Mossy-nest swiftlet (Aerodramus salanganus) from a cave near my home. This bird nest is not edible bird nest.


Scorpion is enjoying its meal.

Long legged centipede Scutigera sp

The eggs of mossy-nest swiftlet.

Giant huntsman spider

Aquatic fauna, Stenasellus sp. in the pool of dark cave which I never seen before! 

Whip scorpion.

Stygothelphusa sp. is searching for food in the pool of a dark cave.

Stygothelphusa sp.

Giant huntsman spider

 Cave cricket (Rhaphidophora sp.)

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