Sunday, 12 October 2014

Islands & swamps of northern Peninsular Malaysia - part 3

Apoballis brevipes

Amorphophallus haematospadix from limestone outcrop.

Hapaline brownii

Piptospatha perakensis

 Sonerila cf. congesta

Crypt. elliptica

Schistura robertsi is not common in my country.

2 species of wild ginger

Probably Neurobasis chinensis 

Betta pugnax


Pteris fern which got silver-edged leaf.

Euphorbia antiquorum

Hapaline brownii

The cute (juvenile of) spectacled leaf monkey (Trachypithecus obscurus):

Alocasia sp.

Nepenthes cf kerrii

The black flatworm (land planarian) is eating the earthworm. The mouth of this worm is in the middle part (near stomach):


  1. Last Picture of Bulbophyllum sp.? great stuff!