Sunday, 26 October 2014

Upper Rajang river basin expedition (Bakun area) - part 1

Paracrossocheilus acerus ???

Begonia sp.

Piptospatha sp.

Without the experience boatmen, we wouldn't be able to by pass this section of river which is full of floating logs! We could stuck there for whole day and our boat may capsize or hit the dead tree & get ourselves injured. It is quite exciting to get across this horrible spot! 

Upper Rajang river basin got countless rapid! We decided not to shoot the rapid for the safety purpose. There is a beautiful waterfall up there but we think it is not worth to take the risk.

 Ikan Tapah (Wallago leeri)

Puntius schwnenfeldii

 Puntius bulu

Schismatoglottis sp.

Ooia sp.

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