Sunday, 8 February 2015

Doing research at a misty mountain of Sarawak (在雲霧繚繞的山尋找螃蟹)

Tree hopper & a tiny snail

Begonia sp. "silver form"

After capturing & observing this new species of mountain crab closely, we are shocked to find out this new crab is not Bakousa but it is a Lepidothelphusa!!! A new record of finding Lepidothelphusa outside Sarawak river basin!

Another new species of mountain crab (genus name is Bakousa)....dark purple coloured crab found near the habitat of Lepidothelpusa crab. What a fruitful day!

Metallic blue beetle

A cricket

Clearing forest for oil palm :-(

Juvenile of a mountain crab

A tree hopper

Scindapsus pictus

Nepenthes reinwardthiana




Begonia sp.

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