Sunday, 15 February 2015

NEW RECORD!!! Betta rutilans discovered in Sarawak!

This is not really a new record cos got researchers & hobbyists discovered Betta rutilans in Sarawak before us. To me, it is a new record. And it is not published in any publication before about this red fighting fish in Sarawak!

The male of Betta rutilans. (3cm long) This is a new record that this red fighting fish is found in peat swamp of Sarawak. It is very common in the peat swamp of Kalimantan Barat of Indonesian Borneo....but we never expected to find it in Sarawak side; such a far distance away from the swamp of Kalimantan Barat!

Natural hybrid of pitcher pant? Nepenthes gracilis x with Nepenthes mirabilis?

Found this very tiny loach, Kottelatlimia cf. katik in the peat swamp of western Sarawak. It is only 1.2cm long!!! Peat swamp of Borneo is full of interesting & tiny fish that people always over-looked it.

Female Betta rutilans

 Tree roots in the swamp

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