Sunday, 17 May 2015

Exploring at Kalimantan Barat (May 2015)- part 1

Rasbora sp.

Begonia sp.

Bucephalandra sp. "A"

Aridarum sp.

Bucephalandra sp. "B"

River crab

Bucephalandra "dark velvet"

Red millipede

Begonia sp. "silver"

Spathoglottis kimballiana (orchid)

Begonia sp. "brown"

Begonia sp. "brown"

First time found Paphiopedilum bullenianum (slipper orchid) grows on the boulder!

piper sp. ???

A variegated bamboo!

Corybas sp. (Helmet orchid)

Aridarum sp.

Bucephalandra sp. "B"

Nepenthus reinwardthiana

Sonerila sp.

Sungai Kapuas

Bucephalandra belindae

Cryptocoryne ferruginea variety sekadauensis (submerged in the water) 

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