Sunday, 3 May 2015

Visiting rivers of central Sarawak on labour day (part 1)

Second time found Aglaonema nebulosum "grey" in Sarawak:

Cryptocoryne pallinidervia

Begonia sp. "metallic green"

Cryptocoryne striolata "tiger stripes"

Begonia sp. "pink spotted"

Cryptocoryne bullosa

Cryptocoryne pallinidervia

Cryptocoryne fusca

Cryptocoryne striolata from Rimbas river

Cryptocoryne pallinidervia

Unknown wild ginger

First time found Aglaonema nitidum "grey"!

Spathe of Cryptocoryne pallinidervia

I think this one is Nepenthes hispida.....if yes, then it is my first time found it in lowland forest of central Sarawak:

Elephant ear orchid, Bulbophyllum beccarri

Semi aquatic fern. It can survive under water.

Schismatoglottis tecturata?

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