Sunday, 15 November 2015

Adventure in north Borneo (Nov.2015) - part 1

Tiger leech

Betta ocellata

Begonia lamriana


Begonia lambii

Piptospatha sp.

Begonia lamriana (?) - silver form

Alocasia cuprea

Betta ocellata

Schismatoglottis ahmadii "variegated leaf"

Unknown Begonia

Homalomena gempal "brown"

Take note this is NOT a snake! It is a Caecilian (New Latin, blind ones) is a limbless, serpentine amphibian.

Schismatoglottis decipiens "variegated leaf"

Begonia jamiliana (left is green colour form & right is silver form)

Begonia lambii

 Schismatoglottis sp. "variegated leaf"

Begonia flammea

I never expected to find a limestone outcrop in the middle of nowhere in Sabah.....due to lack of time to explore, i shall be back oneday to continue my exploration.

Schismatoglottis sp. "variegated leaf"

Begonia lambii

Homalomena sp.

Begonia kibambangensis

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