Friday, 6 November 2015

Jungle at southern part of Vietnam- part 1

Cryptocoryne crispulata var. balansae

 Phalaenopsis deliciosa


Cryptocoryne crispulata var. balansae and fessidens on the rock

Cryptocoryne crispulata var. balansae & Barclaya longifolia (center)

Cryptocoryne crispatula

Take note this is NOT the leaves of grasses but 2 varieties of aquatic aroid, Cryptocoryne crispatula 

When i was walking inside the jungle of Vietnam....i have to beware of this thorny plant which is introduced by US army during the Vietnam war to slow down the advance of Viet Cong army.....Anyone knows the name of this thorny plant? It is a vine.

Barclaya longifolia.

Begonia on granite boulder.

Can you imagine this lush green jungle of southern part of Vietnam was a dead forest before? All the trees there almost dead because US warplanes sprayed more than 20 million gallons of herbicide defoliants into those areas during the Vietnam war. How amazing it is for the forest to recover after so many years later.

Unknown Begonia from Vietnam.

Cryptocoryne crispulata var. balansae (aquatic aroid) growing on the tree roots @ southern part of Vietnam.

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