Thursday, 20 July 2017

My fishing trip in China (Year 2008) - part 1

April 4, 2008. It was public holiday in China. 3 of us; Mr Tree (Zhou Hang), Yellowman (Huang Bao Ping) & jungle mike (Michael Lo) decided to explore the river system in north eastern part of Guangdong province of southern China.

Due to some reasons, I do not want to disclose the places that we went but I will write down the names of nearby towns. 

It was a cool & misty morning. We took the bus from Shenzhen city to a small town called Haifeng. There, we took a motorcycle taxi to a village.

Mr Tree went there before, about 2 years ago. When we reached the 1st location, he was so very upset because the stream was used to covered by evergreen broad-leaved forest of the subtropical zone. But now, it's gone!!! 

Haifeng town.

 On board the motorcycle taxi:

Destruction of paradise on earth !!!!

We're so disappointed to see this....a polluted stream!!!

After walking for a few minutes to the upper stream, we found a good spot to collect fish.

Mr Tree is the 1st to jump into the freezing water. Compared to the water in my homeland (Borneo), the water over here is very cold, probably 14 degree Celsius (?). 

I was so happy to see this cute hill stream loach which looks very similar to the Borneo sucker fish from Borneo. This loach is called Pseudogastromyzon laticeps.

And, Mr Tree suddenly screamed so loud......everyone was shocked. He found the beautiful dwarf catfish called Pseudobagrus trilineatus for the first time!!!