Thursday, 20 July 2017

The hunt for Hong Kong's black paradise fish

Hong Kong Black Paradise fish is a labyrinth fish named after my grandfather's homeland : Hong Kong island. It is closely related to wild fighting fish, Betta spp.

In April 2008, during my trip to southern China, my friend, Zhou Hang caught a male black paradise fish in the countryside of Guangdong province of China. A day before I left China, my another friend, "Yellowman" decided to bring me to another location to collect black paradise fish not far from Shenzhen (also near Hong Kong).

It was a beautiful Monday morning, 2 of us took a bus to our destination. About 2 hours later, we reached a small town where people speak Hakka dialect. From that town, we took a motor cycle taxi to the coastal area.

Image below: Male black paradise fish (Macropodus hongkongensis) has the longer fins (& more colourful)compared to female.

The female:

The juvenile (their baby):

Few months later, they spawned in my aquarium. The buble nest build by the male paradise fish:

The wild caught female black paradish fish:

The beautiful scenery at the coastal area:

The habitat:

Mosquito fish (Gambusia sp.) introduced to this stream.

Lantern bug (Pyrops sp.) found resting on a tree:

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