Saturday, 15 October 2011

Exploring in a limestone outcrop near my home (Oct. 2011)

There are too many limestone hills in western Sarawak for me to explore:

What a beautiful leaves of Amorphophallus pendulus!!!

Paphiopedilum stonei 

Schismatoglottis sp.

Roots of native palm tree:

Amorphophallus pendulus

Nepenthes ampullaria

Paphiopedilum stonei (slipper orchid) on the cliff:

Begonia sp.

Another species of Begonia.

Bulbophyllum sp. (orchid):

Another species of orchid (forgot the name):

Alocasia sp.

Begonia sp.

Amorphophallus sp.

Amorphophallus pendulus

Amorphophallus pendulus

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