Monday, 24 October 2011

Pitcher plants of Gunung Landar of western Sarawak

Some shots of pitcher plants taken using Olympus Tough 810 at Gunung Landar of Sarawak (Oct. 24, 2011):

Nepenthes ampullaria "red pitcher with green lip":

Another colour variant of N. ampullaria.

Nepenthes rafflesiana. The pitcher on the right is probably a cross hybrid species.

Large pitcher of Nepenthes rafflesiana.....this one is about 20cm tall!!!!

Nepenthes hirsuta.

This one is natural cross hybrid...probably N. gracilis cross with N. hirsuta.

Another natural cross hybrid....should be N. rafflesiana cross with N. hirsuta.

Pitcher of N. rafflesiana N. hirsuta (?).

Nepenthes hirsuta.

Probably N. gracilis x N. hirsuta.

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